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Memorable the wire quotes (part2- season 2)

If there is one show with the strongest quotes
(and the most life lessons)
It must be The Wire.

For those that don`t know the show:
The Wire is an American television drama series set and produced in and around Baltimore, Maryland. Each season of The Wire focuses on a different facet of the city of Baltimore. In chronological order they are: the illegal drug trade, the seaport system, the city government and bureaucracy, the school system, and the print news media.

For those who haven`t seen the show: Start right away! It won`t dissapoint you.

If you wan`t to read the quotes: press the red button ( or you are already seeing them)

Rawls: Sergeant! Your floater's come back. County boards are puttin' her on our side of the bridge.
Landsman: No fu**in' way.
Rawls: Yeah, some useless f**k in our marine unit faxed 'em a report on the early morning tides and wind currents. Show's the body went into the water west of the bridge and drifted out.
Landsman: McNulty.
Rawls: [laughs] Fu**in' Jimmy. Fu**in' with us for the fun of it. I gotta give the son of a bi**h some credit for with on this one. [laughs] Co**su**er.
Landsman: Motherfu**er.

Herc: How about you come on the raids tomorrow? Take a few doors for ol' time sake.
Kima: You takin' doors?
Herc: Yeah. Two houses an' a bar on Kane Street. C'mon Kima, mount up wit' us. I know you miss it.
Kima: I'm done rollin' around the gutter. I am inside now.
Herc: Oh, you're a house cat now, huh?
Kima: I made a promise.
Herc: I gotta say Kima, if you were a guy, and actually in some ways you're better than most of the guys I know. But if you were a guy, friends would buy you a beer and let you know.
Kima: Let me know what?
Herc: You're fu**in' whipped.
Kima: Whipped?
Herc: Pu**y whipped within an inch of your life. I kid you not.

Horseface: Damn, Frank.
Union Member: We just sat here and watched Nat Coxson take a shit all over you.
Horseface: And the shrivelled di** motherfu**er that you are, you take it.
Sobotka: For your information, I wake up every morning with an angry blue vein diamond cutter. I was gonna enlighten the President of the local 47 on this particular point, and he chose to depart. Blue steel gentlemen. Three and a half inches of hard blue steel.

Shamrock: We done gone so far from Baltimore, we're losing the station. Yo', try a Philly station or some shit like that.
Bodie: The radio in Philly is different?
Shamrock: Ni**a, please. You gotta be fu**ing with me, right? You ain't never heard a station outside of Baltimore?
Bodie: Yo' man, I ain't never left Baltimore except that Boys Village shit one day, and I wasn't tryin' to hear no radio up in that bi**h.

Landsman: It's all about self-preservation, Jimmy. Something you never learned.

Bunk: You got these off the boat?
McNulty: What, in winter? In a couple of months... fringe benefit. Can't catch crabs in homicide, right?
Bunk: Uh-uh... except maybe the occasional emergency room nurse every now and then.

Frank Sobotka: Why the f**k didn't you tell me what was in that motherfu**ing can?
Spiros: Now you wanna know what's in the cans? Before you wanted to know nothing. Now you ask. Guns, OK? Drugs, whore, vodka, BMWs. Beluga caviar, or bombs, maybe? Bad terrorists with big nuclear bombs. I'm kidding you, Frank, it's a joke. But you don't ask ... because you don't wanna know.

Bunk: Jimmy, the look on Jay Landsman's face, he nearly cried!
Lester: And Rawls! All afternoon, he just stays in his office with the door closed.
McNulty: Careful, you're giving me an erection!

McNulty: F**k it, they chew you up, they gotta spit you back out.

You cannot travel halfway around the world and not speak any motherfu**in' English.

Country: Yo, uh, String, why are you so down on the phone companies, man?
Stringer: While back, I took a stroll through the pit, I saw that kid we got running things down there, uh, Poot. Now, he got the cell phone I gave him for the business, right there on his hip. But, the ni**a got another cell phone that only rang when the pu**y called. Now, if this no-count ni**a got two cell phones, how the f**k you gonna sell any more of them motherfu**ers? That's market saturation.

Landsman: There is some charm to a woman in uniform. But the fact remains we work plain clothes in Homicide. Not to say that the clothes need be plain. For you, l would suggest some pantsuits muted in colour. Something to offset Detective Moreland's pinstriped, lawyerly affectations and the brash, tweedy impertinence of Detective Freamon.

McNulty: You see the preliminary? Positives for or*l, vagin*l, an*l. No IDs, no passports, no visas, no real money - and the girls are coming across the water like that.
Bunk: Yeah.
Lester: McNulty has a theory...
Bunk: Does he now?
Lester: You deductive motherf**ker, you.
Bunk: So he's gonna wander in here with some johnny-come-lately bulls**t about how all these girls must be coming over here as prostitutes. Talking about how if they ain't got the cash to travel better than a container ship, then they sure as shit don't got the money to pay a plastic surgeon.
Lester: Then he's gonna go past that. And say something about that one found dead in the water - being tossed off the ship after she's already dead from a beat-down?
Bunk: But why did she get beat? He's gonna ask us that like we don't know.
Lester: Then he's gonna answer his own question, and say her swabs are negative, right? F**k or fight with all them sailor boys - and she fought.
Bunk: So, it got a little rough, she got banged around, she comes up dead. And then, somebody panics and tosses her in the harbour overnight before the ship ties up.
Beadie: But the other girls saw.
Bunk: So now the other girls, they get told to get back in that can. And our man, to cover this shit up, he gets up on top and bangs down the airpipe. Anything else you wanna tell us?

Rawls: Do you even know what this detail's about Lieutenant?
Daniels: Some kinda beef that Valchek has.
Rawls: Two fu**in' Polacks pissin' on each other's leg.

Prison Warden: Hell, if you can't win the war on drugs in a prison, where the hell you gonna win it?

Stringer: Yo', Rock.
Shamrock: Huh?
Stringer: Be subtle with it, man. You know what subtle means?
Shamrock: Laid back and sh*t.

Daniels: Where are the detectives who were first assigned?
Valchek: Dead. To me, anyway. I shipped them humps back to Burrell as fast as I could.

Kima: I'll tell your wife if you tell mine.

McNulty: Omar played you hard?
Bubbles: I go at him respectable. He put that goddamn shotgun in my face, man. I’m looking at two goddamn tubes of the Harbor Tunnel staring right at me. [McNulty laughs] Each one about yea-big. I damn near piss my pants.

Lester: Colonel, respectfully, did you just fu** me over without giving me half a chance to clear this case?
Rawls: Let’s be clear, Det. Freamon. When I fu** you over, you’ll know it. You’ll be so goddamn certain, you won’t need to ask that question.

Kima: Cool Lester Smooth... hey, what's happenin'?
Lester: Same fu**-ups in the same sh*t detail, workin’ out of the same sh*thouse kind of office. You people lack for personal growth, you know that?

Sobotka: What do you say, Johnny? What do you say to any question?
Johnny Fifty: I take the Fifth Commandment.

Ilene: And what is your occupation?
Omar: Occupation?
Ilene: What exactly do you do for a living, Mr. Little?
Omar: I rip and run.
Ilene: You...
Omar: I robs drug dealers.
Ilene: And exactly how long has this been your occupation, Mr. Little?
Omar: Well, I don't know exactly. I venture to say maybe 'bout eight or nine years.
Ilene: Mr. Little, how does a man rob drug dealers for eight or nine years and live to tell about it?
Omar: Day at a time, I suppose.

Levy: You are amoral, are you not? You are feeding off the violence and the despair of the drug trade. You're stealing from those who themselves are
stealing the lifeblood from our city. You are a parasite who leeches off--
Omar: Just like you, man.
Levy: --the culture of drugs... Excuse me, what?
Omar: I got the shotgun. You got the briefcase. It's all in the game, though, right?

Omar: That wasn’t no attempted murder.
Levy: Then what was it, Mr. Little?
Omar: I shot the boy Mike-Mike in his hind parts, that all. [jury members laugh] Fixed it up so he couldn’t sit right. [Judge Phelan chuckles]
Levy: Why’d you shoot Mike-Mike in his, um... hind parts, Mr. Little?
Omar: Let’s say we had a disagreement.
Levy: A disagreement over?
Omar: Well, you see, Mike-Mike thought he should keep that cocaine he was slingin’ and the money he was makin’ from slingin’ it. I thought otherwise.

Sergei: Family cannot be helped.
Proposition Joe: Who you tellin’? I got motherfu**in’ nephews and in-laws fu**ing all my shit up all the time and it ain’t like I can pop a cap in their *ss and not hear about it Thanksgivin’ time. For real, I’m livin’ life with some burdensome ni**ers.
Nick: Thanks for bein’ straight on this.
Proposition Joe: Fool, if it wasn’t for Sergei here, you and your cuz' both would be cadaverous motherfu**ers.

Prez: What if they're not sneaking anything off this time? What then?
Lester: Ah then, tragically, you will have wasted yet another day in a life you've already misspent in the service of the City of Baltimore.

Carver: His name is Head. D*ck Head.

Bunk: The thing of it is, Lieutenant... Jimmy McNulty, when he ain't policing he's a picture postcard of a drunken, self-destructive fu**-up. And when he is policing... he's pretty much the same motherfu**er. But on a good case, he runnin' in front of the pack. That's as close as the man comes to bein' right.

Daniels: [about McNulty] You ever see how a dog gets when he smells a bone buried in the yard?
Rawls: Yeah, and I seen one take a shit on my carpet, too. And don't give me that he's-got-that-fire-in-the-belly garbage, either. The answer is no.

Rhonda: [reading an affadavit] You all cannot spell for sh*t.
Bunk: Well, would we be police if we could?

Horseface: [to Frank, while looking at a porn mag] Let me ask you something important. You like fake t*ts? I can't decide. Thus far, I'm undecided on fake t*ts.

[Bunk comes into detail room wearing lacrosse sweats]
Herc: Lacrosse?
Bunk: What, a brother can't run with a stick? Jim Brown was an All-American midfielder at Syracuse.
Lester: You putting yourself beside Jim Brown?
Bunk: Lester, um, I'm, I'm just saying...
Daniels: I thought you were born in pinstripes!
Bunk: Lieutenant, I was under the impression that, uh, when detailed against his will to some backwards-*ss, no-count, out-in-the-district, lost ball/tall-grass drug investigation, a veteran police of means and talent can wear whatever the f**k he damn well pleases.

Stringer: [to Bodie] This here game is more than the rep you carry, the corner you hold. You gotta be fierce, I know that, but more than that, you gotta show some flex, give and take on both sides.

Proposition Joe: [about Brother Mouzone] You don't think I'm gonna send any of my people up against Brother? Shit, That ni**a got more bodies on him than a Chinese cemetery.

Valchek: Now the votes are in, and you're movin' your damn golf trophies upstairs to the Commissioner's office, now you're freezin' me out, huh? Fuckin' rat-fu**er's, all of ya'. This is my case, mine! And now you're gonna tell me who the target is? Well not fu**in' likely.

[during extended surveillance detail, Herc takes a picture of Carver]
Carver: Hey, don't waste film.
Herc: We've been here so fu**ing long that you're startin' to look good to me.

McNulty [about the two hookers in the sting operation] There were two of them. I was outnumbered.

Stringer: You see these east-side motherfu**er's over here? I want'chu to extend to these motherfu**er's all the hospitality west Baltimore is famous for.
Bodie: Yeah, you want us to fu** 'em up.

Cheese: You mean to tell me there's a west-side nigga that know how to sell shit without stickin' a pistol in a fiends face?
Bodie: Yeah dog, and you better get used it, 'cause ya'll ain't sellin shit, until we bone-*ss dry!

Brother Mouzone: [to Cheese, after shooting him] Pellets in plastic. Rat shot. What you need to be concerned about is what’s seated in the chamber now: a copper-jacketed, hollow point 120-grain hot street load of my own creation. So you need to think for just a moment and ask yourself: what do I have to do before this man raise up his gun again?

Spiros: [about Nick Sobotka] You don't have to worry about Nicko...
The Greek: You are fond of him Spiros. You should have had a son.
Spiros: But then I would have had a wife.

Sobotka: You know what the trouble is, Brucey? We used to make sh*t in this country, build sh*t. Now we just put our hand in the next guy's pocket.

Bunk: Boy, them Greeks and those twisted-*ss names.
McNulty: Man, back off the Greeks. They invented civilization.
Bunk: Yeah? *ss-fucking, too.

Daniels: [to Major Valchek] I'll tell you the truth Major. Everyone who saw the punch wrote on it. And they've all got Prez throwing the punch, no question. They've also got you addressing a subordinate officer as uh, what was it? A sh*t-bird?
Valchek: Fu** you. This is the Baltimore Police Department, not the Roland Park Ladies Tea.

Spiros: He knows my name, but my name is not my name. And you... to them you're only "The Greek."
The Greek: And, of course, I'm not even Greek.

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