maandag 3 oktober 2011

Friends are closer than we think

Ever have that moment when you realise that the life you are living, just isn't the one you want. And it's not like you want someone else's life. 'cause come on, the chances are they are struggling just as much as you are.

People always say it could be worse. It can always get worse. I just want it to be better!!!

You may not be a family person. You can have your reasons why. I learned that in hard times, you can really count on them. Family doesn't always mean that you share DNA, it is defined by the friends that know you're hurting and try to make you're cruel world, a better place.

Don't have friends like that, and think your friends don't have time for you?
There someone right next to you that wants to help you.

I'm sure you aren't looking close enough!!


First Lady

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