dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Manne's World: Bruine Bonen Wars

Helio Phoeli PhotographyThe kitchen of Suriname has among it's many treasures a dish called 'Bruine Bonen met Rijst' or 'BB met R' or simply BBR for short. This simple, but delicius dish consists of brown beans and meat and is served with rice. It is incredibly easy to cook, but very tasteful nonetheless. It is also the focal point of the Surifatu cul
inary experience for those very reasons.

Every Surifatu Man is thoroughly convinced that his BBR is superior. At first, this notion and the competitive spirit in the group resulted in what can only be described as a thinly disguised cook off. One friend would invite the group over to play X Box and another one would be in the kitchen working on his secret recepy and tweeking it to perfection. If it tasted good enough to result in praise from his fellow Surifatu Men, another would head down to the store the very next time we all met and head for the kitchen with intensity.

Now, you should know that Bruine Bonen is not like, say Risotto, the object of a thousand nuances and variations. It is a pot full of beans and meat. So although very tasty, the different BBR's would end up decent to great, but never as extraordinary to settle this unspoken competition. So, instead of focussing just on taste, a BBR would also be judged on additionaal categories, which got more rediculous everytime. We started out complementing each other on how salt a BBR was and ended up debating the amount of gas one would experience the next day and whether or not certain ingredients (Kruidnagel!) were the be all and end all of a BBR's succes.

The Bruine Bonen Wars are a series of quiet, unspoken contests, waged in silence and discretion, not unlike the Cold War or covert operations in modern assimetrical warfare. One might be in a Bruine Bonen battle with another friend, without the explicit acknowledgement. But we secretely keep score with every compliment. As always in Manne's World I am breaking the code of silence to give you a glimpse into the world of male friendship. Today, I will go further and reveal the clear and present top ranking Surifatu Man, who, consistently has been edging out his oponents in BBR Warfare. You know him as Manne.


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mi srif ey wan compete ien aa bbr wars...................pomz

  2. aboeng... wo orga wan binnenkort. Surifatu first bbr war.

  3. Ai boi...den san lek Kruidnagel mus de yere.... iets om het een twist te geven...is als de BBQ compas..is niet gewoon marinade met vlees..a san mus apart...maar still am de BBQ..zelfde voor de BBR