donderdag 29 september 2011

Manne's World: Long Time No See

If you know me, you know that I like to keep it moving. Chances are that while you are having a conversation with me, I might be texting, blogging this very piece or thinking of new ways to improve a product. I appreciate every single friend I have, but I can roughly devide them into two categories: the movers and the dwellers.

The movers are busy people. They live in the moment, more than anything. As a mover, meeting a mover is a wonderful thing, because you can dispense with the faux dissapointment, the bridge conversations and the chit chat and get on like you were just together yesterday, even if you haven't spoken in years. The dwellers are cerebral and egocentric. Some might even hold a grudge with you for missing a birthday or simply not calling them during a certain time periode. They always open with how long they haven't seen you.

All my friends know I take a hard line with dwellers. I dispense with any form of decorum. I refuse to list reasons for why I have been too busy. I turn it around and act as if I had zero interest in them. I do not engage in lightening the mood by listing any particular important activities that kept me from being an overcommunative friend, but instead feed into the rediculous notion that I would not WANT to spend time dwelling like the dweller does. In doing so, over the years I have managed to reprogram some dwellers into movers, at least when it comes to dealing with me and my fellow movers. No good friend of mine will spend to much time complaining about how long it has been. We can skip that part and move to the things that are important. Because true friendship isn't measured, weighed or accounted. Every mover knows that. Every dweller has yet to discover it.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi gezegd!! "true friendship isn't measured, weighed or accounted"
    Vreemd dat mannen zou zijn he, bij vrouwen is het totaal anders.
    Vrouwen kunnen mekaar maanden lang niet zien, en wanneer ze mekaar weer tegenkomen, is het alsof they talked only yesterday.

  2. Generalisation is the root to many evils. Dwellers exist, equally, both male and female.